SOBA Foundation talked Empowerment, Migration and Unity

Soba p 1In the heart of this year’s nostalgic summer, SOBA ( Sasse Old Boys Association) Germany last weekend organized a People Empowerment Forum in Essen- Germany, to meticulously derive a road map to enhance their participation in mitigating some challenges in Africa .The forum had well defined focus areas stemming from contemporary challenges the African continent is facing. They deliberated on what could be done with respect to empowering individuals both within and without their immediate communities. They sought to identify possible causes of illegal migration as a route to handling migration challenges, and also stressed the need for unity, if any of these steps in the right direction will be transformed from abstract to tangibles.

Subsidiary discussions at the forum touched on possible options to promote the Cameroonian Culture, facilitate Developmental Cooperation between Germany and Cameroon, and support individuals/institutions actively involved in the Development of the African continent. The event’s panelists also emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation between Diaspora groups as a key antidote in handling challenges surrounding pertinent issues like Migration, Refugees Crisis and Diaspora projects.

Out in “another man’s land”, some people including members the SOBA Foundation surely still uphold a sense of loyalty to people and issues associated to their country of origin. SOBA Foundation Germany is a group of well groomed, neatly put together, charismatic men with a vision to strengthen cooperation between Diaspora Groups in their community for the benefit of their continent of origin-Africa. The association is compose of ex-students from the St. Joseph’s College Sasse, Buea – Cameroon, who are currently living in Germany. Generally, referred to as an elitist institution, the St. Joseph’s College Sasse, popularly called “Sasse” is without reservation, a renowned High School in Cameroon which raises young men with self-assertiveness and resilience as evident in the institutions products even decades after High School days.

From diverse works of life, ranging from the fields of Engineering, Communication, Health to Business and Finance, the SOBANS converged in their “uniform”(well fitted black trousers, white shirts, black coats and bow ties), all looking alike as obtained back in their High School days where they made their first steps towards becoming today’s men. Minimizing their age differences and maximizing their goals as a team, they mobilized human and financial resources to make the event top notch.

The event was of course not void of typical Cameroonian merry making reunion traits. It was punctuated with Cameroonian snacks, food and drinks, and later capped with a Gala Night which left those present with so much to reminisce about. With massive support from their countrymen and well-wishers from diverse origins, the event was definitely not just another convention but one with much substance on their list of conventions.sobba

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