Samuel Awasum: The Cameroonian-born German Politician

AWASUMGiven the current refugee crisis in Europe with Germany being a major player in the terrain with several complexities, we can definitely not overlook the presence and efforts stake holders are putting in place to derive short term and long term solutions to the on-going crisis.  Of course the crisis has impacts on different sets of people, most especially the migrants, refugees, asylum seekers or whatever terminology you will prefer for these set of people. All parties often wish their opinions are represented at the decision making table as a step towards securing and attaining their interests. Having representatives is usually a quick step towards achieving this goal. Awasum Samuel Awasum is a 33year old Cameroonian-born award-winning German politician making strides in advocating for cultural, social, legal and political equality for migrants living in his city and region (Nordrhein-Westfalen) at large.

Born to a family of seven (including parents) in Bamenda of the  North West Region of Cameroon, Mr. Samuel Awasum studied at the Government Bilingual High School (G.B.H.S) in Mbengwi, Cameroon, where he obtained his Ordinary and Advance Level Certificates and subsequently relocated to Germany for further studies. While in Germany, he studied Business Information Systems and Communicating Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen and the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, respectively. Upon completion of his studies, he worked with Accenture – a multinational leading Management Consulting Company with focus on Technological Services and Outsourcing.

While making progress in his profession as a Consultant, it was only upon the birth of his first child (which equally doubled as the birth of his political career) that his life took a detour. In his words “…it still sounds funny in my ears to hear someone call me a politician because, honestly, it was never my goal while growing up.  Besides, there is no politician in my family who could have played the role model function to me in this area. The birth of my daughter made me see the need to actively propagate for change in the community into which my daughter has been born, and will have to grow up in. To make this happen, there was no option other than standing above the crowd and moving to the forefront where vital decisions are being made. With the objective of changing things for my daughter’s future as a springboard, this objective grew to a strong urge to represent and serve my people in my community in general”.

sa 1After taking several steps in the right direction in order to achieve his goal, Mr. Awasum is today politically active at
the regional, county, city and district levels. At the regional level, he is a member of the Regional Integration Council in Nordrhine Westphalia (NRW) – “Landesintegrationsrat NRW” Germany. At the county level, he is a member of the Coordination Integration Circle in the county of Mettmann – “Koordinierungskreis Integration Kreis Mettmann” Germany. At the city level, he is a member and president of the Integration Council Ratingen –“Integrationsrat Stadt Ratingen”, Germany. At the district level, he is an Integration Council envoy to the District Council in Ratingen-“Mitte – Bezirksausschuss Ratingen-Mitte”, Germany.

Besides his efforts in representing his people in Germany at several levels, Mr. Awasum has equally been actively involved in socio-cultural development activities with the aim of giving back to individuals, institutions and communities especially in the remote areas in Cameroon.

Mr Awasum is married and a father of two. Spending time with his family is to him the ‘choicest’ period of his life. Despite his busy schedule as a husband, father, politician and consultant, he equally squeezes time for some pleasurable activities every now and then. He uses music (especially African music) as an escape. Hanging out with ‘the boys’, watching sports on TV, and doing sports (Football, Gym )  are some things you will equally find Mr. Awasum doing if he is not caught up in his usual hectic schedule.

Does your heart bleed like mine to see Cameroonians doing well in diverse areas out of the country and not in their own country? Is it even possible for these Cameroonians to return and excel in like manner in their country taking into consideration the socio-economic and political situation of the country? Please do not ask me if Mr. Awasum is nursing plans of influencing the political landscape in Cameroon directly or indirectly. All that I know and applaud at this point is the fact that, migrants of different status in his region have someone to speak up for them and that person happens to be a Cameroonian # Team237.

13 comments on “Samuel Awasum: The Cameroonian-born German Politician”

  1. Eugene C. Che Reply

    This is an exquisite job Musoro. We need to laud our very own excelling compatriots. We don’t live on trees afterall as some people think. And we have brain too.

  2. Samuel Awasum Reply

    I’m very greatful for this profiling…Mark you there are many others out there equally doing the same or even better – Kudos to you all!

  3. Awasum Simon Akuro Father of Awasum Samuel Awasum Reply

    My son may our creator continue to give you wisdom to do what you are doing especialy for the interest of others.

  4. Marcel Reply

    Such a powerful profile, I see an irresistible drive and passion to change lives and shape destinies – this is true politics brother. Because of you, the day for the first black president of Germany is closest than ever thought. God bless you sir!

  5. O'Brian Musi Reply

    Mr Samuel Awasum was one of the prefects I respected very much during my days in GBHS Mbengwi and if I remember clearly, he was very active and school activities and more of a big brother to me. I’m not surprised that his influence is being felt in a big nation like Germany. I know fit sure that he can influence the world if given the chance which he is already doing. I’m so pleased to see a fellow brother leading in this light. Keep up Mr. Samuel. God is with you.

    • Admin Reply

      Thanks for reading Brian. I see you know him quite well. Thanks for the kind words.

  6. Moses Ngwanah Reply

    Good to read such impressive and interesting articles about one of us. I remember this young man in our days in GBHS Mbengwi. He was a prefect about the year I was graduating from High school (2000). I already saw striking leadership skills from him. How nice it is to know our own Brother from Momo Division, Northwest and Cameroon is doing this well. Congrats Sam, you are a Champion.

  7. FirstBertie Reply

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