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Cameroonian Movie Industry; Brenda Shey, the “Mother Hen”

Brenda SheyCompared to the likes of the Nigerian movie industry and Ghanaian movie industry, the Cameroonian movie industry has only until recently been making impressive strides. With limited resources-both human and financial, the industry is presently maximising resources at her disposal to meet up with her competitors who have been around for decades. Thriving on the commitment and passion of individuals, with some peanut support from the Cameroonian Ministry of Arts and Culture, the Cameroonian Movie industry is no doubt representing Team #237 positively on the international scene.  At this point, the industry celebrates several great actors like; Brenda Shey, Desmond Wyte, Solange Yijika and Epule Jeffery, with several great movies like “My Gallery” and “Decoded” available on popular online platforms.

bre picDeeply engrossed mainly as a result of passion, Brenda Shey, fondly referred to as `Ma Bren`, wrestles with the internal and external challenges of the toddler industry to keep it striving. Her eloquence, charm, charisma and tenacity offer a reassuring touch to the forging industry.  She is a Producer, Actress and the Vice Chairperson of the Cameroon Film Industry. She is equally the Vice Chairperson of the prestigious Sonnah Awards (An annual Cameroonian awards ceremony honouring achievements in film, music, fashion, sport, television and digital media). Brenda Shey pushes on all fronts to make the Cameroonian movie industry vibrant and accepted .She Co produces a weekly program “Onset” on  the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV (the Government owned radio and television broadcasting organ in Cameroon) which promotes the Cameroonian movie industry and movie stars. In this light, she facilitates a cordial relationship with actors from the Nigerian and Ghanaian movie industries by featuring `big names` from the aforementioned industries in  some Cameroonian Movies.

Cameroon has higher education programs offering theater arts, however most graduates from these programs rarely get to practice in their field of studies due to limited opportunities and poor remuneration.  Brenda is one of the numerous Cameroonians who go against all odds to make the Cameroonian movie industry conspicuous in Africa and the World at large which will hopefully create more jobs for the youths. DC Communications encourages such rare individuals who seek not only to represent their country positively on the international stage but also help others live their dreams.brenda 4